Opinion of Medic Shoes TM - Prof. Kleinman Eliezer

April 07, 2016 Medic Shoes Team

This opinion is based on research carried out at the Geffen Institute with the approval of the Helsinki committee, which examined the physiological, clinical and mental effects of the referenced shoes on diabetes patients with or without peripheral vascular disease.  These shoes have the structure of the well known Crocs shoes, and are used while sitting or lying down, with internal vibrators that are operated by an electronic control for 15-30 minutes non-stop.  The vibrating action of the shoes performs a kind of reflexology action that relaxes both muscles and nerves.  All the research parameters were measured before using the...

Natural Pain Relief for your Feet

August 16, 2015 Medic Shoes Team

Medic Shoes have been designed according to reflexology principles in order to provide easy and effective vibration therapy for natural pain relief for your feet. Two engines in the front and in the back of each shoe apply vibrations to specific points in your feet, using a remote-control device to prompt the vibration’s intensity. These vibrations enhance peripheral circulation and increase blood flow to your feet, providing pain relief after 30 minutes of treatment. The results of the Medic Shoes treatment have been proven in clinical tests. Patients who used Medic Shoes reported a significant decrease in pain, tingling, and nighttime...

The Perfect Solution for Poor Circulation in your Feet

August 16, 2015 Medic Shoes Team

Do you experience pain in your feet? You’re not alone; many people experience unwanted symptoms as a result of poor circulation in the feet, mostly as a side effect of diabetes or other metabolic disorders. Constant pain can seriously affect daily functions, completing simple tasks like standing, walking, and running, as well as sleep discomfort is common. Several medical solutions have been created to improve poor circulation in the feet, but none are as easy, comfortable, and functional as Medic Shoes. The shoes are a non-pharmaceutical innovative solution, using massage therapy for the ultimate pain relief. Medic Shoes have been...

Medic Shoes for Diabetics

August 16, 2015 Medic Shoes Team

What are Medic Shoes for diabetics? They are a pair of medical shoes that provide an innovative solution for a common symptom for diabetics: unbearable foot pains. The treatment provided by Medic Shoes is far more functional and simple than any other medical solution on the market, and its efficiency has been proven in tests and clinical research.  As a result of poor circulation in their feet, diabetics often experience foot pains that affect their ability to perform daily functions (standing, walking) and leisure activities (sports and light exercise). Medical solutions have been created, aiming to fix the problem -...

Do you suffer from Diabetic Foot Problems? Try Medic Shoes™

August 11, 2015 Medic Shoes Team

Diabetes is a common disease among many people in first world and developing countries, and modern medicine provides a variety of treatments aimed at reducing the medical risks involved with the disease. Another problem, however, is the difficulty patients face in order to maintain their daily routine due to the side-effects of diabetes. A common problem is extreme pain in the patients' feet, as a result of circulatory problems caused by the disease. Activities that seem easy and evident such as standing, walking and running can be very difficult for diabetics. Diabetic foot care is a crucial factor in maintaining...

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