Opinion of Medic Shoes TM - Prof. Kleinman Eliezer

April 07, 2016 Medic Shoes Team

This opinion is based on research carried out at the Geffen Institute with the approval of the Helsinki committee, which examined the physiological, clinical and mental effects of the referenced shoes on diabetes patients with or without peripheral vascular disease.

 These shoes have the structure of the well known Crocs shoes, and are used while sitting or lying down, with internal vibrators that are operated by an electronic control for 15-30 minutes non-stop.  The vibrating action of the shoes performs a kind of reflexology action that relaxes both muscles and nerves.  All the research parameters were measured before using the shoes, after a first session of up to half an hour at our research institute, and after a month of daily use by each participant in his own home for the same period (up to half an hour) in the evening.  At the end of the month the subjects were called for a final assessment of the results of using the shoes as instructed by the research team.  All participants reported that they found using the shoes simple and easy.

 The research findings were split into categories that were mainly based on additional statistical analyses of the physiological effects of the research and their possible influence on heart problems, vascular problems, and mental and nervous problems such as insomnia, hypertension, and peripheral nervous conditions typical of diabetes patients.

 In order to examine all the above, the research included detailed questionnaires about various symptoms, including sleep problems, plus clinical and physiological checks, including a detailed hemodynamic test (ICG) which checked parameters such as stroke volume (SV), cardiac output (CO) and total peripheral resistance (TPR).


To summarize the research, we can point out:

  • No side effects of using these shoes were observed, and all subjects found the shoes simple to use.
  • Significant beneficial effects were observed, both in physiological aspects such as significant improvements in the aforementioned parameters, and in mental-nervous aspects such as significant improvements in sleep patterns and peripheral nervous symptoms such as feelings of tingling or pains in the limbs.


It should be noted that we have presented the findings of these analyses at international conferences where they definitely aroused positive interest.


To sum up, the use of these shoes is apparently simple and easy, there are no side effects, and they contribute to both physiological and mental improvements for people with diabetes, peripheral vascular problems, hypertension, cardiological problems (by lowering TPR and improving CO), as well as improvements in sleeping and various symptoms linked to peripheral vascular problems.  Of course, this is all in addition to conventional treatment.



Prof. Kleinman Eliezer

Cardiologist and Profession of Physiology

Director of Geffen Institute for Research and Cardiac Health

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