Medic Shoes ™ : a new kind of Diabetic Foot Care

April 07, 2015 Medic Shoes Team

Diabetes is a common disease among many people in first world and developing countries, and modern medicine provides a variety of treatments aimed at reducing the medical risks involved with the disease. Another problem, however, is the difficulty patients face in order to maintain their daily routine due to the side-effects of diabetes.

A common problem is extreme pain in the patients' feet, as a result of circulatory problems caused by the disease. Activities that seem easy and evident such as standing, walking and running can be very difficult for diabetics. Diabetic foot care is a crucial factor in maintaining a healthy life. 

A recent diabetic foot care innovation, Medic Shoes ™  uses natural, non-invasive stimulation to improve circulation and foot pains. The medical shoes provide simple yet efficient treatment for diabetic foot pains. This treatment is based on massage-therapy applied to the patient's feet through two electric motors installed in each shoe. The massages are based on reflexology principals, and have been proven to provide patients with pain relief. Patients have reported that after a daily half-hour treatment (in which they were in full control of the treatment's duration and intensity), they have felt incredible pain relief and were able to return to their pre-diabetes routine.

 Other than being simple and easy, another advantage of Medic Shoes ™ over other diabetic foot care treatments is the fact that it does not require any kind of invasive procedures- patients don’t need to take any additional prescribed medication or injections. Using Medic Shoes ™ doesn’t require visits to the doctor, clinic, or hospital, as the treatment can be applied at any time, anywhere.

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