Medic Shoes for Diabetics

August 16, 2015 Medic Shoes Team

What are Medic Shoes for diabetics?

They are a pair of medical shoes that provide an innovative solution for a common symptom for diabetics: unbearable foot pains. The treatment provided by Medic Shoes is far more functional and simple than any other medical solution on the market, and its efficiency has been proven in tests and clinical research.

 As a result of poor circulation in their feet, diabetics often experience foot pains that affect their ability to perform daily functions (standing, walking) and leisure activities (sports and light exercise). Medical solutions have been created, aiming to fix the problem - but until recently, almost all of these inventions involved either periodical doctor’s treatments or taking prescribed medication. Medic Shoes for diabetics offer a solution which can be managed by the patients themselves with no need for prescription medication or medical supervision.

 How does it work? The shoes are worn by the patient. Once activated, two battery-powered engines embedded within the shoes apply vibrating pulses to the patient’s feet. These massages are based on carefully studied reflexology principles, and their strength can be adjusted by the patient through a remote-control device. For an effective treatment, the patient should use the shoes for a period of only 30 minutes each day. It’s that simple.

 Yet the results of this simple treatment are nothing short of amazing. Patients who participated in clinical research trials have reported a complete change in their lives - being able to stand, walk, and exercise again, and ultimately returning to their full daily routine without the pain that accompanied it. Medic Shoes for diabetics introduce a true revolution in the treatment of diabetic foot pains.

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