The Perfect Solution for Poor Circulation in your Feet

August 16, 2015 Medic Shoes Team

Do you experience pain in your feet? You’re not alone; many people experience unwanted symptoms as a result of poor circulation in the feet, mostly as a side effect of diabetes or other metabolic disorders. Constant pain can seriously affect daily functions, completing simple tasks like standing, walking, and running, as well as sleep discomfort is common.

Several medical solutions have been created to improve poor circulation in the feet, but none are as easy, comfortable, and functional as Medic Shoes. The shoes are a non-pharmaceutical innovative solution, using massage therapy for the ultimate pain relief. Medic Shoes have been clinically proven to increase blood flow and relieve pain in cases of poor circulation in the feet. The vibration strength and cycle duration are fully controlled by the patient through a handheld remote-control device, and can be used whenever and wherever the patient wishes. An effective treatment with Medic Shoes takes only 15-30 minutes per day.

After a treatment with Medic Shoes, you can put your regular shoes back on, and the change you'll feel will be nothing short of amazing: you'll be able to perform daily tasks with ease. Medic Shoes give you full control of the treatment, at your own comfort without the need for a medical practitioner to be present. The freedom that our medical shoes provide you extends well beyond pain relief; it is also the freedom to complete the best treatment at the right time for you.

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