Natural Pain Relief for your Feet

August 16, 2015 Medic Shoes Team

Medic Shoes have been designed according to reflexology principles in order to provide easy and effective vibration therapy for natural pain relief for your feet. Two engines in the front and in the back of each shoe apply vibrations to specific points in your feet, using a remote-control device to prompt the vibration’s intensity. These vibrations enhance peripheral circulation and increase blood flow to your feet, providing pain relief after 30 minutes of treatment.

The results of the Medic Shoes treatment have been proven in clinical tests. Patients who used Medic Shoes reported a significant decrease in pain, tingling, and nighttime discomfort. Patients have also expressed great satisfaction how comfortable and easy the Medic Shoes are to use, and the quick and effective manner in which the treatment is carried out.

The Medic Shoes have been developed to treat foot discomfort through natural pain relief. It does not require any kind of invasive treatment or prescription medications. The only mechanism involved is vibration stimulation to your feet for effective and proven results.

The ultimate advantage of the Medic Shoes treatment is the efficient, comfortable, and easy process in which natural pain relief is achieved. A simple at home treatment, without a doctor or physician present, makes the Medic Shoes a great addition to your healthcare regimen. The Medic Shoes use strong and targeted vibration therapy for stimulation, providing natural pain relief instantly. Living with Diabetes and Peripheral Vascular Disease can be managed with the right combination of natural treatments and doctor recommendations. Try Medic Shoes for the ultimate solution for foot pain, and get back on your feet today.

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